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News Update - What do you think about Nokia? Unquestionably you know is a monster cell telephone organization from Finland that utilization Windows Phone as the working framework.

Yes, Nokia is renowned for its Windows Phone working framework. Windows Phone working framework is the OS that was produced by one of the goliath organization Microsoft as of late obtained Nokia. Consequently, all present Nokia cell phones (especially the Lumia arrangement) utilizing the Microsoft OS.

Nokia Android

At one time , Nokia utilizes the OS that once overwhelmed the cellular telephone advertise on the planet around then , to be specific Symbian . However , with the progression of time and the quick development of Android , Nokia's strength started his premises Symbian OS uprooted . 

Preceding utilization Windows Phone as its OS , Nokia has likewise been supposed to be utilizing the OS within kembangkannya around then , to be specific Meego . 

Meego is an open source working framework focused around Linux and is focused to the handheld business sector ( versatile ) , in spite of the fact that its utilization might be utilized additionally for bigger electronic supplies, for example, netbooks , tablets , laptops , Smarttv , and others . 

Meego is a joint extend in the middle of Intel and Nokia and was initially presented through the display Mobile World Congress in February 2010 . Starting thought of making the working framework is to consolidate the working framework that is sooner than Intel 's Moblin and Maemo from Nokia into another working framework more regular . 

In February 2011, Nokia proclaimed an association with Microsoft , and from that point forward the improvement of the Meego working framework is getting to be old on the grounds that Nokia decided to concentrate on Microsoft's working framework , specifically Windows Phone 7 . 

With Windows Phone , Nokia gave their name to the name of Lumia cell phones . With Lumia , Nokia could keep pace with the opposition between ios , Android , and Blackberry which around then was in delight in doing by device beaus , particularly by young people . 

Show a smooth menu with enamoring configuration makes the presentation of Nokia cell phones get to be more rich and novel . From that point it was Nokia back in the verses by the purchasers back . 

However , the last few days came the news that Nokia has made a cell phone with Android as the working framework . Indeed , the pictures are screenshots of the presence of the device is as of now broadly circled in the internet . 

Normandy , that is the name of the Android cell phone from Nokia . Allegedly , Nokia utilizing Android adaptation of Kitkat . Yet not aware of present circumstances when Nokia 's Android cell phone will be discharged . 

Consequently , let us hold up for the vicinity of the Nokia's first Android cell phone . 

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